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We're proud to offer a full range of digital marketing, design and branding services that bring life to your business' identity.

Strategic New Media Marketing

Well-executed, digital marketing services that gives you the resources, analysis, advice and tactics to make the most of your online investments. Ikaia Media does not settle for just an ad or a campaign, we handle the digital strategic plan, implementation and evaluation.

Social Media

We get a greater ‘feel’ for your market through Social Media. We create, manage and integrate your social media presence, providing effective monitoring and evaluation tools to support and maximize customer engagement and brand awareness.


Our cutting edge online marketing platform allows for closer connection with your customers. Build your brand, through Email Marketing, Online Event Management Tool, Online Surveys and cross-network Social Media Integration tools. We create Online Marketing Campaigns that help your business penetrate new markets, get potential customers hooked, or even build greater loyalty with existing customers.


We build brands that drive business performance. We’re experts in brand positioning, identity and engagement. Building brand value is a continuous process activated by delivering on your promises. This establishes trust and loyalty from your customers, generates employee pride and creates value. The impeccable skill of our creative team and their exceptional eye for detail, ensures that we get your vision right; both online and offline.


Our web team takes the time to understand your business goals and requirements; building a web presence that will drive new income streams, business opportunities and sustainable growth. Ikaia Media's services include Web Site Design, Content Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising as well as Social Media Integration, Monitoring and Web Site Analysis.


Mobile marketing is constantly evolving and Ikaia Media is riding the wave; offering its clients a variety of mobile marketing solutions and tools. Our mobile services include Mobile Applications, Mobile Web Sites, Short Message Service (SMS), Multimedia Message Service, (MMS), Mobile Display Ads, Mobile Paid Search and Bluetooth.


Ikaia Media offers Caribbean advertisers dynamic and innovative platforms to display their products and to connect with their target audience. From digital billboards to in-vehicle advertising systems we create visually alluring campaign ideas that engage the audience to experience your brand from a new perspective.



All About

Ikaia Media is a full service digital agency that specializes in strategy, creativity, design, marketing and technical services. We partner with our clients to deliver innovative, results-driven solutions that set them apart. Consider us an extension of your business. We’re here to assist you during every step of the journey to realizing your vision.

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